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The Importance of Having a Blog

If you don't have a blog on or off your website, it is time to get one.  Remember "Content is King" when it comes to online search a well-maintained and content rich blog is a powerful tool, for both SEO (search engine optimization) and site visitor / customer value. It allows you to showcase knowledge in your market (and more), providing value to your site visitors and it has the potential to pull internet traffic to your site that over time could potentially result in a new customer.

Blog Benefit Basics:

  • Can become a resource to answer your customers’ questions and educate other potential customers

  • Each post you create becomes a new page for Google to index to drive traffic to your site

  • With each new blog post you have also created something new to share on social media

  • Your blog content has staying power and has the potential to drive traffic long after your initial post

  • There is potential to attract external links to your content from viewers which in turn can again drive more traffic to your site

Some would have you believe just “build it and they will come” but that is no longer the case. It’s more like “build it, maintain, take pride in your content, and they might come”. That shouldn’t put you off trying though – it just means that it’s easier than you might expect to reach a level of quality on your business’ blog that’s way above the average.



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