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The 5 Second Rule

Think back to websites 20+ years ago... well that is if you are old enough to have seen websites then! The Pages were filled with a variety of neon bright text colors, lots of flashing arrows and lights, and they served mostly as an About Us page. Today a website is truly an Online Business providing you the ability to acquire new clients, sell products, and have a substantial impact on the growth of your business.

All In 5 Seconds. Yes... that is about how much time you have to capture a site visitors attention and keep them on your site seeking more. In the first 5 seconds you better be sure your site visitor:

  • Sees Clear & Precise Messaging About Your Offer

  • Feels Your Business is Fresh & Current

  • Understands Your Value Proposition

  • Quickly Finds A Way to Contact You

  • Gains a Sense of Trust in Your Business

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a few deep breaths, and visit your company website. Can you immediately answer Yes to all of the 5 Second rules above?

If you are still reading this, then take another sip of coffee and visit your top 3 competitors websites. Could they immediately answer Yes to all of the rules?

Please give us a call, 619-798-6774 if this article has inspired you to improve your Online Business. It is what we do and we want to support you in the path of growing your business!


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