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Keep Your Marketing Consistent

Yesterday I had a call with one of our marketing clients who had just spent three months trying out a specific marketing program with a different company. This client has been with us for about six years and has occasionally tested other marketing providers and programs during that time.

She called me to thank me for always supporting her through the process of experiencing other marketing options. She appreciated that, over the years, I had encouraged her to allow us to continue to provide her with the foundation of consistent email marketing, social media marketing, and website updates while she was testing others. Each time she was testing others we created a smaller basic monthly package for her that was a reduced cost, which provided her extra money to help afford the test program, and that allowed us to keep her foundation marketing covered.

Her gratitude was mostly because we never make her feel uncomfortable for seeking out and testing other options. We always respect and support a business owners choices, and keep the communication open and easy as they go through the process.

We feel strongly that the most important part of marketing is to keep a solid and consistent foundation of contact with your customers, followers, and potential customers. Consistent Marketing is Key to Business Success!

We are here to help you grow your business, so give us a call 619-798-6774 or fill out our contact form, and let's talk about a program that keeps your marketing foundation consistent!


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