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Fresh Content is KEY for your website and social media

With all of the content available these days, keeping Fresh content on your website and social media is KEY to turning site visitors into customers! If your site and social visitors see the same content over and over, they lose interest and you lose your opportunity to create a relationship with them.

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Fresh Content is KEY for your website and social media

Yes creating content requires a time commitment, and especially for the small business owner who is wearing many hats, this can seem like a big project, but there are ways to simplify the process. 

Here are some easy ideas that will help you keep your content fresh:

  • Put a time slot in your calendar each week that is designated to creating new content.

  • Content ideas will come to you at the most inconvenient times, when you're brushing your teeth or at dinner with friends.. create a habit of noting the idea whether it's in your phone, on the back of a napkin, or OK even if you have to spell it out on the mirror with toothpaste.  The important thing is... get the idea memorialized!  And of course, create one combined list, so you always have several topics to choose from!

  • Don't get stuck in the writing process, if you hit a block, set it aside and return to it later in the day. If you are still stuck, you are probably trying too hard to have it be remarkable. Don't get hung up about creating Remarkable content.

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