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What Makes Your Business Unique?

When someone asks you about your business... what is your answer? I often ask people about their business and the answer is often very Plain Vanilla!

Some examples:

  • I own an Auto Repair Shop

  • I own a Hair Salon

  • I am a Dentist

  • tI am a Photographer

When I ask about your business I am giving you an opportunity to capture my attention and possibly capture me as a customer. So it is very important that you know What Makes Your Business Unique! And that you can share that unique service or product in as few words as possible.

Let's take another look at our examples:

  • I own an Auto Repair Shop in San Diego that specializes in Imports, and Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

  • I own a Hair Salon in Anaheim and our professional stylists are specially trained in leading industry techniques.

  • I am a Dentist in Las Vegas and I stay up to date on the latest treatments available to create solutions for my customers.

  • My Photography business in Southern California has grown tremendously from our great reputation in Wedding photography.

Just a few extra words can make a big difference!


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