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Website Development - How Much Will it Cost

It is a very fair question, especially with all of the DIY options available starting at a few hundred dollars. But honestly, asking how much it will cost to develop a website can be compared to calling a building contractor and saying "I want you to build me a house, How much will it cost"? You will find they will begin to ask you questions about the house you want them to build: how many bedrooms; how many bathrooms; how many square feet; do you want a living room and a family room; and that is just the basic design. You will then be asked questions about the quality of the home: what type of flooring; what quality of cabinets and hardware; which type of windows; and many more details.

All of these items have dramatic impacts on the cost to build. What you want included in your website creation also impacts the cost to build.

What Affects the Cost?

Website development is much the same, so we need to respond to the question of cost with a conversation to outline your project. Yep, you guessed it, we ask you questions that help us understand what type of website you want. Some topics we ask about include: Design; Number of pages, Structure; Special Applications, Layout; Target Market; eCommerce; Optimization; Functionality; Content: Photos; and more.

What Is The First Step?

After we have talked with you and outlined your project details, we provide you a written proposal that includes the detailed scope of our work, giving you the clear information about what we will create and what it will cost.

When you accept the proposal we have an "Intake Interview" call with you where we talk about more specific details of your new site. This call includes topics like: what you like about your current site, other sites you like and why, and variables you want included in your new site. Once we have completed your Intake Interview we begin the first round of development on your new website! We use a collaborative approach, reviewing the site with you to gain your feedback and make modifications, so you end up with a website you are very proud of!

What Makes You Different

We have a solid reputation of completing our website development projects On Time, On Budget, and On Target of your design ideas! These are the most critical aspects of a website development project, and we approach every project with these focused goals.

Is it Time for a new Website?

Give us a call and let's talk about it. Our consultation is complimentary and we will provide you with valuable information to help you make the right decision about your Business Website.



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