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We Want to Help You, We Have Some Questions First

As seasoned Business Consultants and Marketing Experts we are the go to person for our family & friends as well as everyone they talk to about business, when it comes to questions about starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture.

Whether it is someone who wants us to take a look at their website and give them ideas; an owner of an existing business that has questions about best practices for growth management; someone who is considering launching a new business; or someone who wants our opinion on their current marketing programs... We always start with a Foundational Question:

What Is:

  • The primary goal/objective of your website?

  • The main objective you want to accomplish as you manage the growth of your business?

  • The most important reason you are considering starting a new business?

  • The specific message you want to deliver to your audience?

It is critical that we understand the Foundational Objective/Purpose before we begin any kind of review and recommendation process. It often catches people off guard when we ask one of these questions as a response to their inquiry for professional feedback. If you are asking a mechanic to give you a suggested solution to a problem you are having with your car, you expect they will ask questions about the issues you are having, right? If you go to a Fitness Coach the first thing they do is determine your objectives, right?

The team at Business Infusion absolutely love helping people start, grow, and manage their business so Call 619-798-6774 and Let's Talk Business... but be prepared to answer some questions to get us started down the right path!



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