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The Customer is Always Right - Tips for Customer Retention

We've all heard the saying "The Customer Is Always Right", and we all know that the customer is not always right.

But here's the thing that is critical for you and your team to understand... You Must Make Sure The Customer Feels Like They Are Right even when they are wrong!

Your team members that are Customer Facing, meaning they are the main point of contact with your customers need to be trained and then continually encouraged to handle each customer interface with care and consideration. It is a problem if you have a situation where a team member goes to battle with a customer because the customer is wrong; the team member may think they won or that they proved the customer wrong, but the business can be the real loser if the customer is unhappy with the way the interaction was handled.

Most often "how" you say or write something is what has the greatest impact on the relationship with the customer. An example is a customer calling to say they have not received their package. You can reply "you signed for that package on X date" or you can reply "let me help you with that, in looking into it the system shows it was signed for on X date, could someone else have signed for it?". Using words that soften the impact makes all the difference in the customers perception of being well cared for.

Customer Retention is key to the successful growth of every business, large or small. Are you pleased with your Customer Retention or would you like to work on implementing a new protocol to increase Customer Retention? Give us a call 619-798-6774 and let's talk about it ~ the first call is Complimentary and we love to help our customers grow their business.



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