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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Wouldn't it be great if taking your business to the next level was as easy as stepping in an elevator and pushing the 12th floor button! Smiling as you fly right past floors 2 through 11. Every once in a while we will hear a business growth story that is astonishing, but usually in business it is rare to jump from the 1st floor to the 12th floor, in fact it is rare to skip any floors at all.

It's extremely important that you keep yourself in touch with the steps involved with the growth of your business, and to keep yourself motivated to complete those steps. Here are a few tips to help you along that path:

Take advantage of the entrepreneurs who have already completed their steps on this path. There is an incredible amount of information available online about everything to do with business. Fortunately those who have already faced the challenges of starting and growing a business have shared their stories, motivation, and ideas online. Spend a few minutes each morning and seek some inspiration or education about the current situation in your business.

Spend time developing a relationship with your business banker, it can be invaluable as you grow. Talk to them about your business products and services, when and why you started your business, your passion for your employees and your customers. Ask them how their bank can support you as you grow. Create the relationship with them now, so when you are at a place where they can help you, they already know you and your business.

Create and implement a consistent marketing plan. Every business takes a different approach to marketing based on their products and services, as well as their experience and ideas about how to acquire new customers. The businesses that have the best marketing results are consistent with their marketing plan. Whatever method and tools you use to market your business, be consistent.

Hire the right people, even if it takes more time to find them. Placing ads, reviewing resumes, completing phone interviews, scheduling on site interviews, getting team feedback on applicants.... a lot of work is involved in hiring a new employee. And when you want to hire someone soon, being patient with the process, maybe even placing the ad again a month later and starting over when the right candidate didn't come through the door on round one, is well worth the investment of time. Sure some positions can be filled more easily, but rushing the process actually costs more time in the long run because the investment in training a new hire is substantial. Hiring right makes the most of that investment in training.


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