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One Simple Change Can Create Great Results

In business and in life we all develop some routines, some patterns, some habits. In business these can range from small patterns like starting your day reviewing emails to substantial routines such as holding weekly staff meetings. And once we have these set and in place they become a consistent part of our business routine. Changing them can be challenging, partly because we are all somewhat adverse to change but mainly because they are habits and we are not so sure changing them is for the best, and it's easier to not change.

Consistent performance is greatly supported by many routines/habits so I am not suggesting that you randomly undo what is working well! What I am going to suggest is that you have a "heart to heart" with yourself about those routines that are not producing great results.

I can give you as example a routine that I recently changed that has worked much better since the change. I do a lot of writing for our clients as well as for our own business. I write content for the websites we develop, for blog articles, and for other marketing. I used to calendar a lot of smaller tasks to myself throughout the week for each individual business project I needed to write for. In recent months I was hitting some major "writers block". So a few weeks ago I changed my routine. I now have a major block of time on my calendar, three days per week, that is a blogging/writing task, and I reference a list of projects that have writing needed that week and pick a couple that I am "in the mood" to write about. This simple change in routine has resulted in much higher productivity in this area as well as a much lower occurrence of my experiencing "writers block".

One simple change created great results. Take a look at your routines, patterns, habits... and look for those that you know you are performing below your ability and try a change, see if it provides you with better results.

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