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Moving from Intentions to Actions in Your Business

Get a Jump Start... 4th quarter is one of our favorite times of the year why not start planning now? It is a time that is filled with anticipation and excitement, both for business and personally.

4th Quarter Business Planning
Moving from intentions to actions in your business

Personally, it is a time of year that we spend extra time enjoying our families and friends in a very festive and sweet Holiday spirit.

In business it is the time of year that we spend consulting with our clients to identify their intentions for the next year and creating a plan that moves those intentions into actions. It is exciting to support them as they reset their business focus and create momentum to carry out the plan for the new year.

What is your process for planning? Do you:

  • Have an aspect that includes reviewing what your employees have to say?

  • Take advantage of customer reviews and feedback in your planning process?

  • Incorporate fact based data from financial reporting to prevent perception based plans

  • Analyze accountability for the current years performance?

There are several styles of annual planning just as there are various styles for business management. Whatever your style the most important factor is that you complete a thorough review and use factual data to create your plan, and then document the plan.

We know that the planning process can be a challenge and in many businesses the leadership team becomes stretched by the added time in their schedule for involvement in the planning process. We also know this means that companies sometimes shortcut the process and in some cases decide to skip it for this year.

One of the best times to utilize a business consultant is during the year end planning process to take advantage of their experience, unbiased review, and unique energy. Give us a call 619-798-6774 or use our contact form to take advantage of our free consultation.

We are here to support the growth of your business and move your Intentions into Actions!


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