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Let Go of Perfection and Do Something

The advice for today is really simple; Let Go of Perfection and Just Do Something! Remember, bite size pieces, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you will continue to grow, learn and create along the way.

Business Owner in Boutique Working on the Business
Let Go of Perfection and Do Something

A common scenario with many small business owners is they get overwhelmed with the intake of too much information and become paralyzed by it with the end result being; they do nothing and when you do nothing you get nothing! Let go of perfection and just do something.

Financials: You receive month end reporting from your bookkeeper and you do nothing more than glance at it and assume all is well. You need to do something, you need to create at least one benchmark in an area of your business and create a goal that you are going to track and manage, do something.

Marketing: Maybe you’ve been collecting emails for the last year from your clients to start email marketing your business but you still have not put them into your database or done anything with them. Perhaps by now many of those client's have found a different service provider and have forgotten how wonderful your products/services are, you may have lost them. You need to do something! This week, get those names added to your database and create an introductory email about your services and send it out, it does not need to be perfect, just do something!

Staff: There is a staff member on your team that you have received complaints about and they are in general bringing the overall moral of the company down. You do not want to face the situation, you tell yourself "they are not that detrimental to the team", you basically continue to sweep it under the rug. You need to do something... situations like these can destroy entire teams. This week schedule a meeting with that team member and ensure you have a course of action, do something!


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