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Improve Your Content Marketing

We continually coach our clients about the value and importance of quality, forward thinking Content Marketing Strategies. We often write about the importance of strong Content Marketing Strategies.

But the truth is, sometimes it is more impressive when you hear it from one of the Big Guys! 

So here is a great article written by Jessica Wong for magazine titled: Key Priorities For Developing a Good Content Marketing Strategy Read It!

8 Steps to a Content Marketing Strategy:

  • Research your competitors, target audiences, and overall marketplace

  • Define Your Target Audience

  • Create a unique story

  • Create Art

  • Promotion and distribution through different channels

  • Create conversation, where possible

  • Reflect on key learnings

  • Measure, when possible

Are you ready to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy to grow your business?

Schedule a Call & Let's Get It Started!


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