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Tips To Turn Visitors into Customers

  • Having a business website and digital marketing channels is an important part of growing a business, and there are many great platforms that make this a lot easier than it was in prior years. Easy is great, but it is critical that you follow some basic tips to help turn your Website Visitors and Social Media followers into Customers! Here are some basics:

  • Up To Date Contact Information. It is easy to get so busy that you forget to keep your Contact Info up to date on your website and all social media and digital marketing channels. Create a spreadsheet that lists the URL address for your website; landing pages; social media; and digital marketing channels. This makes it faster and easier to update information across all platforms. We suggest you include columns for what was changed and add a date under each for when that channel was updated.

  • What You Do and What Makes You Better/Different from Competitors. Site visitors have changed in recent years, they don't want to have to read a lot of text to figure out what services/products you offer and why they should choose your business to engage with. Make sure your main landing page presents your primary offerings in a clearly stated presentation and your features/benefits are easy to understand.

  • Provide an easy experience for your Visitors to Navigate your site. If you have site visitors or clients telling you they can't find what they are looking for... Fix It!

  • Update your pictures and text content frequently, the same way a retail store updates their displays! Give your followers a reason to stay in touch. Write interesting and timely content, talk about what you know and how your knowledge can help them. Build the relationship with them through your writings, pictures, and videos.

  • Follow-up promptly with the leads that connect with you. You should reply to a website form submittal or social media/digital marketing channel contact as quickly as you would return a contacts phone call. Take the time to thank your customers that provide you a digital review; and like their comments on social media. Build a relationship with your digital audience the same way you would if they walked into your doors.

Do you have questions about your website results? Wondering if you are doing the best practices for your digital marketing? Give us a call! Let's talk about it! 619-798-6774

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