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Give Your Site Visitors an Easy Roadmap!

Simple navigation on your website is critical to engaging with your site visitors. If you want to lose a site visitor quick, just make it a challenge to find what they are looking for. Give them an easy roadmap.

Think about it for one minute… the last time you were online shopping for clothing and you couldn’t quickly get to the “category” of items you wanted to see, what did you do? I bet you closed the tab and looked elsewhere.

Ease in getting around is one of the highest determining factors for engaging a site visitor, or losing them.

Simple headings and smart logical categories is the first step to creating a pleasant, easy to use site visitor experience. When a site visitor lands on your home page, quickly being able to find what they are seeking is mission critical.

Keep the menu navigation simple and easy to understand. Some websites use cute/clever/trendy titles in their menu which can leave a site visitor needing to click around to find the content they are interested in. Save the uncommon/cute/clever/trendy language for the paragraph content.

You spent the time and money to create an attractive and engaging website. Don’t risk losing a site visitor over cumbersome navigation!


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