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Get Off the Detour

It is our passion to help you grow your business, but we are also very aware that you need to be profitable, so it is also our desire to compel you to become laser focused on profit, to start taking immediate actions that will create more profit.  Right now!  Today!  We expect you have over the years; read great books on business management, attended top notch business seminars and trainings, completed hours of web research, and listened to the best business educators.  We understand you have learned a great deal about many business solutions, have been inspired, have been motivated, and that you have implemented some of these changes. 

But... Have you transformed your business operations?  Has your business profitability dramatically improved?  Or do you still have serious questions about your business strategies?

The fact that you are still reading this reveals to us that you are seeking help with the growth and success of your business. We love consulting with our clients, and it is our truest passion to help them find the success they desire.  Throughout our years of business consulting and business marketing we have found many owners and managers who are on a… Detour to Success! “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans”.  This is never more true than with a business owner.

Owning your own business was what you dreamed of, and you were so excited as you made your plans.  Then came that wonderful day when you first opened your doors. And then, at some point you realized, you had found yourself on a detour, not yet achieving the level of success you had anticipated. You wonder why others have success in their business, providing them free time to enjoy their family; play golf; go to the spa; go fishing; even take vacations; while you struggle to keep the doors of your business open.  Get off the detour starting right now!

How?  The same way professional athletes improve their game.  Hire a Business Coach.  Sounds easy, but the steps to choosing the right business coach for your particular industry and challenges is not as easy as it sounds.  Here are a few key elements to finding the right coach for you:

  1. Industry Knowledge & Experience - do not hire a "generic cookie cutter" coach.  There are business education and coaching companies that are specific to almost every industry.

  2. Coaching Method - Before you choose, ask the prospective coach some questions about their approach - there are different types of coaching methods used.Some coaching companies have a specific process that they use for the start up of every coaching client which involves a series of steps they take the client through.  These series of steps often use three to six of the client coaching calls, and often take up to three months of time to complete.  In this type of coaching method, you (the client), have paid for a lot of coaching calls and worked with the coach to go through their required steps, but the true work on growing your business has not even begun!  Another approach is an aggressive method of prompt analysis of your situation, and immediate implementation of improvements that will quickly result in increased revenue and profits. Ask enough questions that you begin to understand which coach is a better fit for your needs.

If you are still reading this post... then you need to take that important step and contact a business coach and get started on a renewed path to success!  Get off the detour today! Call us at 619-798-6774 and Let's Talk!



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