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Think about this... an athlete becomes a professional athlete from years and years of consistent training and practice in their sport.  They exercise their body and mind everyday.  Look at running your business like a professional athlete looks at their training and exercise. 

Consistency is key...  successful businesses became successful from years of consistently implementing business marketing strategies. If you are serious about acquiring new customers and increasing business revenue, you need to do a lot more than sending out a couple emails, or posting on Facebook for a couple weeks, or writing 5 blog posts over the next few months... like an athlete, you need to work your marketing out!

Starting Your Marketing Exercise Plan:

Step 1 | Starting is the hardest part Don't get overwhelmed by too many choices or ideas, they can and will paralyze you into doing nothing.   Remember buying all that new workout gear (got to look good doing it),  getting the best running shoes (for sure going to run a marathon), signing up for a gym membership (getting motivated by those around you) and then realizing a month later that the tags are still on those gym clothes and you have made every excuse under the sun as to why you will "hit the gym tomorrow" instead of today? All marketing starts with that first step of getting your ideas, objectives, and mission down on paper.  Simply take out a piece of paper and pen and start writing it down.

Step 2  |  Just one exercise won't cut it When you are getting In a fitness plan, there are so many things to consider , including cardio/aerobic exercise, strength/weight training, stretching  and diet to name a few.  Like an exercise plan, marketing that is going to work relies on a multitude of well-planned strategies working together. Just writing a few press releases won't do the trick, neither will advertising a couple times. You need to create strategies for your business and budget, and ensure that they're cohesive and working together. Your plan will only ever be as strong as the weakest link. Step 3  |  Mistakes will happen But never abandon your plan.  So, you gorged yourself over the holidays, that does not mean you are giving up on your exercise plan.  If one part of your marketing  strategy does not perform well, don't throw out the entire plan. Modify or replace the non-performer with a more effective item and remember your mistakes.  We learn from our mistakes and in the process make better decisions in the future. Step 4  | There's no quick fix Growing a business is a marathon, not a sprint! It takes a very long time for a body to start showing the effects  that a poor diet and lack of exercise has created (although it may seem  like it happened overnight).  Your marketing plan can suffer from disuse too.  You must pick a well-thought-out plan and stay with it. Don't stop marketing just because you don't see immediate results.  Marketing has to be viewed as a lifestyle for your business.  Be leery of anyone promising you quick profits and overnight results in your marketing, often times it is fly by night and won't last.  

Step 5  |  A  lot of advice will come your way Know how to sort it. At the gym, everyone seems to be an expert on what is going to work the best. From  running, yoga, swimming, weights, circuit training, stretching.. the list goes on.  The same holds true in marketing  a business . You will be offered several opinions. Getting the input of others is always welcomed; just keep in mind that what works for one does not work for all. There are no cookie cutter marketing plans, each of our businesses is different, just like our bodies. Step 6  | Don't be cheap when it comes to the right tools Ever try running a few miles in inexpensive tennis shoes?  Most of us will experience  the pain of shin splints or worse, it just isn't worth it. In making your marketing investments, don't be cheap. A huge budget isn't necessary either, just be sure that whatever you decide to do, it is invaluable do it well, make it look professional and be consistent. Step 7  | Be commitment daily, renew your interest all the time Sometimes it is just not fun to workout, excuses can be everywhere, but be committed!  This can happen with your marketing plan too, it can easily slip by the wayside, out of site out of mind.  How do you get consistent about marketing your business when the phones are ringing, your team needs your input on their projects, and the bills need to get paid?  Make marketing your business a priority!  Right Now!  Put a 1 hour appointment in your calendar every week!  And keep that appointment as if your life depends on it, because the healthy life of your business does depend on you consistently marketing your business.

Do you have questions about your online business?  Curious or confused about what would work best for marketing your business?  Let's talk, give us a call 619-798-6774!  We want to support you as you take actions to achieve business growth!


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