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Connecting Socially with Customers

Below are some tips on making and growing current and first time customers relationships online. Not every tip is appropriate for every business but implementing just a few will help your business and reach grow on and offline.

Tips on Getting Connected:

  • Find new customers online by reaching out to existing customers - Tweet or post on your wall, offering a special discount to current customers for every new person who follows or likes your business.

  • Offer new friends or followers a discount on your services if they join your network.

  • Survey your existing customers to identify your customers needs.

  • Blog about it, actively keeping up with a blog creates a positive flow of communication for your business.

  • Periodically visit your customers face to face, bring a treat and say hello.

  • Convince current customers to join your network by posting a flier about it at your place of business.

  • Print your preferred social network addresses on your business cards.

  • Use newsletters consistently and integrate social media functionality into them.

  • Be active and show consistency on your social network platforms.

  • Slip small postcards in shopping bags when customers purchase something, encouraging them to find your business on your network of choice.

  • Remind customers to "Check-In" post a flier about it at the entrance and checkout/reception counter. Letting others know that they are there and spreading the word about your company.

  • Send a personalized note or thank you just because. We live in a world of constant "digital touches" the act of physically writing and receiving a card can be powerful and leave lasting impressions. 

  • Provide great customer service and let people know about it through your social networks. When you receive a great review tell the public about it through a social post, note them on your newsletters and blogs.

We want to support you as you take actions to achieve business growth, let's talk 619-798-6774.


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