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Business Ownership Can be a Wild Ride

Being good at a trade, job or profession is a far cry from operating a business, it can be a wild ride! Just because someone is good at marketing doesn't mean they would know how to run a marketing firm. This really holds true for any profession, we all have hobbies, interests or a trade/profession, that does not mean we would be ideal at running the business operations of those same things.

Nurturing and expanding a successful business is about having a solid business mind in conjunction with knowing the ins-and-outs of a particular trade. A snap shot of what happens behind the scenes:

  • Operations

  • Managing staff

  • Bookkeeping, billing and accounting

  • Customer service

  • Purchasing and receiving

  • Rental/lease agreements

  • Insurance... and the list does on

We have seen a lot of extremely smart individuals get into business only to ultimately fail because their focus was on being good at their profession (i.e. being "behind-the-chair" for salon and spa owners) versus focusing and learning more about the operational side of the business to make it a success. It is very hard to do both and in the beginning it might seem that you need to be "in the business" to make it survive versus working "on the business", which in the long run will give you the stronger foundation you will need to continue to be "in business". Remember to "work on your business" each and every day to start building a foundation for longevity.


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