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Ideas on how to build brand consistency

Well known and recognized brands didn't happen overnight and they did happen because they had a plan. Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple, Spotify, Nike... when you read these business names, did you immediately know their Brand Identity? I'm betting you did.

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Building Brand Consistency

I would also expect that if you saw their logo without their business name you would know what company they are. That is the result of building brand consistency.

Your business does not need to be decades old and an industry leader to project a large, well thought out brand. Brand consistency is the root of your business’s identity. When well planned and executed it encompasses all aspects of your marketing.

  • Design

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Messaging

  • How you Communicate

  • Timing/Frequency

  • And everything else related to marketing!

Wherever and whenever your customer will engage with your business digitally or in person, they should encounter a consistent presentation and experience.

Brand Consistency relays to your customers and potential customers that your business is strong, recognizable, and well planned. This combination transforms into a sense of trust. That sense of trust will result in their choosing your business for their services and products.

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