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Brand Your Business With Consistency

In the ever changing world of business, building your Brand is more important than ever. Finding new customers and building their loyalty is greatly impacted by the way they "Feel" about your company. How they Feel about your company IS YOUR BRAND! We help our clients learn about the Feel of their Brand; the Feel of their Marketing.

Consistency  We often find that companies have so many marketing avenues as well as a long history of marketing materials that they have failed to keep all of them up to date with the current branding, including logos, colors, and message.

Another critical element of consistency is to have a marketing program that stays in front of your audience on a regular basis which in many businesses becomes a challenge, as the inclination is to market when you are slow, and not when you are busy. Marketing when you are slow might help to temporarily bring in some business, but it does not serve to grow your brand and strengthen your relationship with your audience and your customers. If you struggle to keep a consistent marketing program in action, we offer marketing packages that provide routine marketing with consistent branding to turn your audience into customers.

Clarity  As business owners and business coaches we completely understand that your business will change and evolve, which will result in a new focus and new products or services. As with consistency this can create havoc to your brand if not implemented with a solid plan. This results in confusion for your target audience and also increases the sales costs and customer service costs as your team spends time answering questions.

Message  All businesses and non-profits exist for a purpose whether it is to sell a product or service, or provide a needed community service. We coach our clients to create an elevator speech, which is the Message. An elevator speech is usually about 60 - 90 seconds long and sums up why your business or organization exists. If you meet someone and they ask what you do or what your business or organization does, be prepared with a concise and engaging response that is no more than 90 seconds long! Make sure all of your marketing premieres this Message. And be sure to keep it Fresh if your business or organization changes it's focus.

Colors  Yes the colors you choose within your Brand have an impact on the customer. We understand you might be a big fan of red, yellow, and black. Building a brand is not about what you like, it is about what will tie your customer to your business. In all of our website development and marketing services we help our clients make the right choices to entice your target audience and site visitors to become customers.

Customer & Contact Relations  Yes we put it last on the list, but this list is not in order of importance, and how you treat your customers and contacts is extremely important. You can have the best marketing program in your industry, but if your contacts and customers have a bad experience when they reach out to you it will greatly hinder your potential for success.

This is an overview of the elements to consider when you are working on creating and strengthening your Brand. It is our goal to support you in the path of growing a successful business, so this is just a start. Feel free to contact us for a Complimentary Call to discuss your plans for your business or organization and to gain from our expertise.


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