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Are you Selling or Are you Marketing?

I'm hoping you answered "Both". But the reality is many businesses, especially small start up businesses, are Selling much more often than Marketing. It's important to know the difference, and when to do which!

What content are you featuring on your website, email campaigns, blogs, and social media? If it is always a sales pitch you are one of the businesses that are Selling much more often than Marketing. Part of the process of turning a contact into a customer is to build trust, which is why it is better to balance out your digital presence with some well thought out Marketing.

Consider a change to your approach! Put together a new marketing strategy that is sixty percent selling and 40 percent marketing. Marketing is when you provide a value added to your customers for Free. Here are a few examples of ideas for mixing marketing into your strategy:

  • Writing blog posts or social posts about helpful topics that are directly or even indirectly related to the products or services you sell (like this blog post)

  • Have links on your website to resources that may be helpful to your target audience

  • Provide information on upcoming events that are a benefit to your potential customers

  • Be a benefit to the audience you want to reach by getting involved in their community

Our blog is full of ideas that will help you start, grow, and manage your business. Take a read through some of the posts, you're sure to find some ideas that will help you with your business!


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