Are You a Skimmer? Most Site Visitors Are!

SKIMMERS: Skim reading refers to the strategy we use to move speedily across a web page, hunting for specific keywords and focusing only on elements that catch our eye.

We live in a time of scroll culture. Think about how you look at a web page!

Site Visitor patterns have changed dramatically over the past few years. Statistics prove that most site visitors spend very little time actually reading your content. They look to quickly find what you sell or what service you provide; what makes you better than your competitor; and how to contact you.

More than ever it is extremely important that your website is designed to capture your site visitors attention immediately, deliver a clear message about your business products and services, and give them easy access to contact you.

To Thrive in an online business you need to think like a Skimmer! Have questions? Schedule a Call and let's talk about it!

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“ Business Infusion is a joy to work with. This was my first experience doing a website and Ruth Ann & Heather made the process incredibly smooth. I appreciated the steps they walked me through to move the website forward and their talent to put it all together to create the site I envisioned. They have also done additional marketing that I am thrilled with. I recommend Business Infusion to everyone and look forward to working with them again and again.”         

- Kris Heusser,
Commercial Insurance 

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