NETWORKS 2000 | San Diego, CA

Networks 2000 Review "We tried to make a website ourselves and just couldn’t quite get it to the point we wanted so we decided we would call around and find a local company to help out. We started the process by submitting a request on WIX to be contacted by an expert and within minutes Ruth Ann had reached out to us. After looking at a few other options, we immediately knew Business Infusion would be the best bet and we were correct. Ruth Ann did an amazing job explaining what needed to be done, what will be done, and why she is suggesting the changes.  Read More...

Robert Harris, Owner | JET GUYS | Covington, TN

"Our website was sorely outdated and rarely updated. At the same time our business operation and business name had changed. We are not computer illiterate however not very computer literate either. We needed an organization who could guide us with a business plan embodying our ideas and build a new website and Facebook page enabling us to become more technologically integrated. We know how to build jet aircraft, we are experts in the field. It only made sense to use an organization who are experts in what they do to help us accomplish our goals.  Read More...

Marjone Mamaghani, Owner | The M Factor Corrective Skin Care

The M Factor Corrective Skin Care Review "I started working with Heather last fall 2016 to help me revamp my image and likeness for my small skin care spa. When I met Heather for the first time, she totally got what I was looking to do and then added some awesome suggestions to take my business to another level.  Read More...

Ryszard Zadow, Founder and President | Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience

"I cannot say enough to thank and praise Ruth Ann Reese and Heather Stambaugh-Huddleston of Business Infusion. At a moment that I felt I might never find the support I needed to really get my aviation non-profit off the ground (excuse the pun) Ruth Ann responded to a Facebook post I placed asking for help.  Read More...

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