Beyond Business Profits

Beyond Business ProfitsWe know, you opened this article thinking it would be a step by step guide, with excel worksheets included. You anticipated it would lead you down the path of how to transfer the numbers from your Financial Statements and turn it into a new and exciting way to analyze your business financial performance, normally considered it’s Profit.  Read More...

Get off the detour!

It is our passion to help you grow your business, but we are also very aware that you need to be profitable, so it is also our desire to compel you to become laser focused on profit, to start taking immediate actions that will create more profit.  Right now!  Today!  We expect you have over the years; read great books on business management, attended top notch business seminars and trainings, completed hours of web research, and listened to the best business educators.  We understand you have learned a great deal about many business solutions, have been inspired, have been motivated, and that you have implemented some of these changes.    Read More...

What Is Your Exit Plan

Business Exit StrategyIn our consulting client engagements the first question we ask is: What is your long term plan for your business? It is no surprise that most entrepreneurs do not have an answer to this question. They have spent a great deal of time determining how to start and grow their business, and how to achieve continual success, but they have not taken the time to look at what happens when they are done.  Read More...

We Can Help You Harness The Power of Your Business

Harness The Power Of Your BusinessThe key functions of a great business consultant are to Analyze, Identify, Plan & Implement. The Business Infusion Team has one desire... provide our unique approach of transforming real world business objectives into identifiable results that help your business grow and prosper.  Read More...

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