Some Tips on Connecting with New and Existing Customers Socially

Connecting with current and first time customers is a must for growing your business. Below are some tips on making and growing these connections. Not every tip is appropriate for every business but implementing just a few will help your business and reach grow on and offline.  Read More...

Get off the detour!

It is our passion to help you grow your business, but we are also very aware that you need to be profitable, so it is also our desire to compel you to become laser focused on profit, to start taking immediate actions that will create more profit.  Right now!  Today!  We expect you have over the years; read great books on business management, attended top notch business seminars and trainings, completed hours of web research, and listened to the best business educators.  We understand you have learned a great deal about many business solutions, have been inspired, have been motivated, and that you have implemented some of these changes.    Read More...

Technology Tools Are Changing How You Do Business, Don't Get Stuck

Business TechnologyIf your company is still juggling piles of papers, multiple spreadsheets, various calendars, and other paper based or older computer based systems... it is time to change. We understand that the process of making all of these changes may be overwhelming, but the result is worth the effort!  Read More...

Are You A Good Candidate to Start Your Own Business

Are You A Good Candidate To Be Your Own Boss?If you are considering a business startup we suggest you read this article, written by Neil Patel for Entrepreneur magazine. It will get you to a place of honesty with yourself and it will help you determine if you have what it takes to succeed as a business owner.   Read More...

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