Gratitude Marketing Make Being Thankful Part Of Your Plan

Business Gratitude"When Your Gratitude Dies Your Attitude Dies"

This is a great quote to keep in mind when it comes to growing your business.  

When was the last time you thanked your clients for their business?  Not just a "thanks for your business" on the bottom of a sales receipt.  But rather a hand written note mailed to your client letting them know you truly appreciate their business.    Read More...

Wouldn't It Be Great

Referral Business with Business CardsWouldn't it be great if... every customer that leaves your business would advertise for you, tell all of their family and friends and co-workers about you?  Read More...

Going Up? Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Business Growth Going UpWouldn't it be great if taking your business to the next level was as easy as stepping in an elevator and pushing the 12th floor button! Smiling as you fly right past floors 2 through 11. Every once in a while we will hear a business growth story that is astonishing, but usually in business it is rare to jump from the 1st floor to the 12th floor, in fact it is rare to skip any floors at all.  Read More...

Forbes Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2016

As a business consultant I am continually reading relative articles to stay in touch with the evolving world of commerce. When I find an article that I find myself thinking "I wish every one of my clients would read this article" I know it is a great fit for our blog.  Read More...

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