Referral Business Is The Best Business

Referral Business For Your BusinessCreate and follow  this simple referral tip and watch your referral business grow! Ask for the referral! And ALWAYS HAVE  business card size referrals cards available to hand out!  Read More...

Some Tips on Connecting with New and Existing Customers Socially

Connecting with current and first time customers is a must for growing your business. Below are some tips on making and growing these connections. Not every tip is appropriate for every business but implementing just a few will help your business and reach grow on and offline.  Read More...

Build Your Brand With Consistency

In the ever changing world of business, building your Brand is more important than ever. Finding new customers and building their loyalty is greatly impacted by the way they "Feel" about your company. How they Feel about your company IS YOUR BRAND! We help our clients learn about the Feel of their Brand; the Feel of their Marketing.  Read More...

Crafting a Quick and Crafty Business Pitch

Crafting an Elevator SpeechOk we get it! The Elevator Pitch is nothing new. It has been a cornerstone piece of marketing tips and tricks for years, and we are not suggesting that we have waved a magical wand that will make our suggestions in this article well... magical. What we are suggesting is that you rethink your Pitch and be sure it is well crafted and yes, crafty! You have less than 15 seconds to capture the attention of the person you are talking with on an elevator; the grocery clerk; a contact at a business or social function. And you have less than a minute to tell them about your business in a way that they will remember and most importantly want to become a customer when the need arises.  Read More...

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