Keep Your Marketing Consistent

Yesterday I had a call with one of our marketing clients who had just spent three months trying out a specific marketing program with a different company. This client has been with us for about six years and has occasionally tested other marketing providers and programs during that time.  Read More...

We Want To Help You, We Have Some Questions First

As seasoned Business Consultants and Marketing Experts we are the go to person for our family & friends as well as everyone they talk to about business, when it comes to questions about starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture.  Read More...

To Increase Sales: Understand and Serve

There are tons of articles, seminars, books, and tools to help you sell your service or product. You have probably spent a fair amount of time and money in the effort to sell. We are suggesting one simple starting point. Understand and Serve Read More...

What Makes Your Business Unique

When someone asks you about your business... what is your answer? I often ask people about their business and the answer is often very Plain Vanilla! Some examples:   Read More...

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