Going Up? Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Business Growth Going UpWouldn't it be great if taking your business to the next level was as easy as stepping in an elevator and pushing the 12th floor button! Smiling as you fly right past floors 2 through 11. Every once in a while we will hear a business growth story that is astonishing, but usually in business it is rare to jump from the 1st floor to the 12th floor, in fact it is rare to skip any floors at all.  Read More...

Birth of the World Wide Web

The advances of website related technologies is changing every day and at a phenomenal pace. What was founded as a way for scientists to share documents is now part of our daily life.  It is truly incredible to look back at the birth of the World Wide Web in 1989 and recognize how rapidly it has advanced in little more than 25 years.  Read More...

The Importance of Bookkeeping & Monthly Reports

Whether we are working with a client on website and marketing or providing them business coaching, the importance of accurate bookkeeping and up to date monthly financial reports always becomes part of the conversation. We find that many business owners that do receive monthly financial reports don't understand them well enough to get the best use of the information, and in some cases the business owner is not even receiving monthly financial reporting from their bookkeeper.  Read More...

Every Business Wants More Clients

When was the last time you talked to a business owner who did not want more clients? It is pretty rare that we hear from someone who does not want more clients! That is why there is such an incredible amount of information online about how to grow your business, with a multitude of tools and topics that fall under that broad umbrella of growing your business. Sorting through all of this content to determine the right fit for your business can feel overwhelming. We completely understand! As business consultants we support our clients to determine the best plan of action to take to achieve the business success they desire.  Read More...

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