The Customer Is Always Right - Tips for Customer Retention

We've all heard the saying "The Customer Is Always Right", and we all know that the customer is not always right.   Read More...

Turn a Contact into a Customer, Tell the Story

The next time you are in a situation where you meet someone, maybe at a social event, or in elevator or well anywhere for that matter... turn a contact into a customer.  Be prepared to give a brief key point "elevator speech" about who you are, what your business is, and what makes your business "memorable".  What sets you apart? Find a way to make it fun and interesting. And remember to keep it brief and offer a business card.  Read More...

Three Things Successful Businesses Have In Common

There are Three Things that all successful businesses have in common. No matter how large or small; no matter what industry; and no matter how young or old the business is. If they are successful they have these Three Things in Common:  Read More...

Going Up? Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Business Growth Going UpWouldn't it be great if taking your business to the next level was as easy as stepping in an elevator and pushing the 12th floor button! Smiling as you fly right past floors 2 through 11. Every once in a while we will hear a business growth story that is astonishing, but usually in business it is rare to jump from the 1st floor to the 12th floor, in fact it is rare to skip any floors at all.  Read More...

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