Learn To Love Your Financial Statements

Ok, we truly understand that analyzing financial statements is not a favorite of most business owners and managers.  In fact we rarely work with those who do.  But we have found, in our years of business management advising, that once the owner or manager begins to understand the reporting they are provided, their business decisions began to transition from "perception based decisions" to "fact based decisions".   Read More...

Ruth Ann Reese; Founder & C.E.O.

Ruth Ann Reese
Founder & C.E.O.
Business Infusion, Inc.

Ruth Ann Reese, co-founder of Business Infusion, is a seasoned, multi-dimensional, C Level executive with a breadth of experience spanning a wide array of industries. Her passion for leadership of a company’s most valuable asset, its people, has resulted in superior organizational achievements throughout her career. Her successes are a culmination of her creativity, innovation, operational excellence and collaborative management techniques.  Read More...

Heather Maree Huddleston; Founder & President

Heather Maree Huddleston
Founder & President
Business Infusion, Inc.

Heather Huddleston is co-founder of Business Infusion, Inc. and loves to continually learn and to assist individuals and businesses to succeed in both business and life.    Read More...

Welcome to our Business Infusion blog!

My business partner, Heather, and I (my name is Ruth Ann) have spent many years supporting business owners to grow and prosper their business venture.  We were fortunate to meet each other years ago, and immediately formed a powerful bond based on our mutual respect for business ownership and management; and we are also both very involved in the pursuit of living healthy lifestyles.  As our relationship grew and we talked about the many ways in which we had helped and wanted to help support the business owner, we began to create business related service and product concepts.   Read More...

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