Some Tips on Connecting with New and Existing Customers Socially

Connecting with current and first time customers is a must for growing your business. Below are some tips on making and growing these connections. Not every tip is appropriate for every business but implementing just a few will help your business and reach grow on and offline.  Read More...

Inbound Marketing Defined

Inbound Marketing Small BusinessInbound Marketing is the function of bringing warm, qualified leads and clients into your business in lieu of reaching outward (with blinders on in most cases) to cold and unqualified targets. Please, not another trade show...my feet hurt just thinking about it! Traditional "outbound marketing" is largely focused on outbound methods such as cold calls, print ads, attending trade shows and the list goes on. The gist, get in front of cold leads and attempt to get them to try your products/services. Doesn't that sound exhausting?  Read More...

Gratitude Marketing Make Being Thankful Part Of Your Plan

Business Gratitude"When Your Gratitude Dies Your Attitude Dies"

This is a great quote to keep in mind when it comes to growing your business.  

When was the last time you thanked your clients for their business?  Not just a "thanks for your business" on the bottom of a sales receipt.  But rather a hand written note mailed to your client letting them know you truly appreciate their business.    Read More...

Business Ownership Can Be A Wild Ride

Understanding That Owning A Business Can Be A Wild Ride Being good at a trade, job or profession is a far cry from operating a business, it can be a wild ride! Just because someone is good at marketing doesn't mean they would know how to run a marketing firm. This really holds true for any profession, we all have hobbies, interests or a trade/profession, that does not mean we would be ideal at running the business operations of those same things.  Read More...

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