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OUR VISION is to provide our clients with unique, creative, practical solutions to grow their business revenues. The team at Business Infusion brings an objective, experienced, unbiased set of outside eyes to every client engagement. We provide the creative catalyst to generate fundamental and permanent shifts in the way you and your team think and perform.

Ruth Ann Reese | Founder & C.E.O.

Ruth Ann Reese, co-founder of Business Infusion, is a seasoned, multi-dimensional C Level executive with a breadth of experience spanning a wide array of industries. Her passion for leadership of a company’s most valuable asset, its people, has resulted in superior organizational achievements throughout her career. Her successes are a culmination of her creativity, innovation, operational excellence and collaborative management techniques.

This diverse background creates an uncommon vantage point when considering business strategies for profit growth. Her career spans industries including Aviation, Infomercial Marketing, Spa Salon Industry, Jewelry manufacturing, and Chamber of Commerce management. “Through my wide-ranging background I have learned innovative and dynamic sales and marketing techniques, cutting edge technology applications in operations and marketing, diverse organizational management approaches, and superior methods of team and consensus building processes,” she shares.   Read More >


Heather Huddleston | Founder & President

Heather Huddleston is co-founder of Business Infusion, Inc. and her biggest cravings in life have always been to learn, teach and support.

After obtaining her BS Degree in Resort and Lodging Management and Tourism from CSU Chico she worked the next 20 years as an Executive Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, and Director of Marketing within the hospitality and tourism and education and coaching arenas. She decided to embrace the technologically changing environments around her and obtain a secondary degree in Media Arts plunging her head first without fear into all things web, graphic design and CRM.

Layering this enhanced technological skill set over her existing sales and marketing background, Heather has been able to help individual businesses understand the profit potential of their business through the use of an enhanced web presence, proper lead capture system and CRM implementation.  Read More >

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