Tips To Turn Visitors into Customers

Having a business website and digital marketing channels is an important part of growing a business, and there are many great platforms that make this a lot easier than it was in prior years. Easy is great, but it is critical that you follow some basic tips to help turn your Website Visitors and Social Media followers into Customers! Here are some basics:  Read More...

Fresh Content is Key

With all of the content available these days, keeping Fresh content on your website and social media is Key to turning Site Visitors into Customers!
If your site & social visitors see the same content over and over, they loose interest and you loose your opportunity to create a relationship with them.  Read More...

Helping Business Owners and Managers Increase Productivity

Whatever your management Style, Whatever your Preference, Whatever your Tasks, the following will help you Be More Productive. The first step to increasing productivity, regardless of your style or preferences is to get all of your ideas and to do items recorded in some way, whether it is a written list, on a voice recorded memo, or using an App. This helps because you get it out of your head! You will be amazed how much clearer you can think and function and how much less overwhelmed you feel once you know you have those great ideas or bothersome tasks that keep popping into your head listed somewhere. Your brain will stop revisiting it over and over. Phew… that helped!  Read More...

Referral Business Is The Best Business

Referral Business For Your BusinessCreate and follow  this simple referral tip and watch your referral business grow! Ask for the referral! And ALWAYS HAVE  business card size referrals cards available to hand out!  Read More...

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